Angela Bennett received an AA in Liberal Art and an AAS in Commercial Art, before attending the Human Computer Interaction program at the University of Advancing Technology (UAT). The warped sense of humor is free of charge.


Behind the Pixels, Points, and Picas.

This female introvert ranks as INTJ in the Meyers-Briggs test, a balanced middle-brained thinker, divergent when starting new projects and convergent when leading teams. She is considered a "unicorn" according to IxDA seminars. Angela can also read text which is upside down or backwords. She has won Scrabble games in less than 5 moves with 150 point value in one turn using all 7 tiles from her board. Her addiction to ideas and solving needs (not problems) heuristically began at an early age.


Creating viable solutions involves different types of processes.

Left Brain Meets Right Brain

Project Management requires knowning how, when, and balancing which concepts are best suited to produce optimal results using available resources.

Lead On
Pixels, Points, and Picas in Action.

Giving back to society and being a proactive global citizen paves way to make a postivie difference. Angela traveled to Washington, D.C. for the first time to participate in the KAD Diaries multimedia project.

Sneak Peak

Equal rights within the realm of government legistlation needs to be continued for those who were adopted by American Citizens as children. Before the S.2275 Adoptee Citizenship Act was introduced, the petition tool from the Whitehouse was leveraged.

Be Involved

Sustainability isn't just about damage control for the environment, food, or saving the planet. Sustainability is about making strides, informed decisions, efficiency and efficacy, balance, optimizing ROIs, and acting in the ways the small potatoes impact the big picture for months, years, decades, and centuries. Sustainability is about investing for achieving success.

Build a Legacy