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Web Design Portfolio

The University of Advancing Technology requires students present a portfolio demonstrating fulfillment of the objectives for each field as part of receiving their bachelors degree. Web Design has six objectives.

Web Design Objectives

Student Innovation Project

Featuring Works and Projects from solutions strategist, Angela Bennett

The Flower Pot offers a touchscreen display intended for the novice gardener.

21st Century Planter

The Cube Flower Sponge Garden emphasizes user experience concentrating on visceral exploration involving senses with sight, sound, interaction.


Voice-activsted smart-lock for doors. Smart Lock operated without requiring physical keys and number pads for discrete safety.

Smarten Up

Samples from Internships with Make-A-Wish America and University of Advancing Technology

Meets Objective(s): #1, 2, 4, 5, 6. The Non-Verbal eCourse was designed to fit in with existing Wish Granting training for staff and volunteers working with Make-A-Wish University.

Nonverbal eCourse Demo Firefox Nonverbal eCourse Demo for IE

Meets Objective(s): #5, 6. UAT101 eCourse consisted of three modules to onboad incoming online students in undergraduate programs at the University of Advancing Technology and its Learning Management System (LMS), eCollege.

Ready to Learn

Spotlight on Career Services ia s 2 minute video to briefly showcase how they can get help with professional career and skills development while enrolled with the University of Advancing Technology. I wrote, storyboarded, and produced it as part of a module for the UAT101 eCourse.

Meet Career Services