image of cube flower

image of cube flower

image of cube flower

Cube Flower "Garden"

A concentrated visceral exploration which emphasizes user experience involving aesthetics and sensory interactions with sight, touch, interaction. I evaluated the impact of technological trends such as the impact of LED lighted cubes, biodegradable sponges which expand in water with discovery learning as a basis to prototype an abstract 3x3 self contained "garden".

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The feather decoration on top attracts the user, which is inviting and serves as the handle. The intended user responds well to sensory processing and sensory exploration gagdets.

The cube case can be raised by grasping the feathered decoration. The visual communication is to have the user associate a relationship between the fish who live in water, and the squeeze bottle which is filled with water. Flowers also need water to grow, and the relationship is additionally encouraged with the flower sticker on the squeeze bottle.

The LED cube lights are initially intended to be used in beverages for decoration in party beverages. The LED light is activated when it is triggered by water touching the sensor on the bottom. Compressed, natural, biodegradable sponges were cut up and adhered to the bottom of the lights. These are not noticeable on first use. When the sponges become immersed with water, the sponge expands and conducts the water to the sensor on the cube.

This is intended as a novelty and to abstractly convey the concept of caring for plants.

4 iterations were conducted, and additional iterations would need to be done to further refine this item as one major unexpected side effect was that it took more water than anticipated, which spills. Perhaps a different type of container would be better suited.

This item fits into the category of educational and novelty contexts. It is educational in regards that it encourages discovery learning concepts similar to the products offered by Discovery Toys