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From West Africa with Love

The University of Advancing Technology requires students complete a Student Innovation Project as part of receiving their bachelors degree.

HCI Objectives

Featuring deliverables for the collaborative Student Innovation Project (like a capstone for undergraduate programs) titled, "From West Africa with Love."

60 second video. From West Africa with Love is a site for mobile which features an interactive dress up as part of the shopping experience.

Dress Up Details

Development of the site and dress up game.


Technical documentation drafted for the project.

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Bonus Content

A separate team was formed to create a virtual mannequin, serving as a presentation delivery system.

Virtual Mannequin

This played on the auditorium wall while a video projected onto the virtual mannequin gave the speech. The mannequin's audio is included here as a courtesy.


Using Corel VideoStudio Ultimate and After Effects, the video projected on the mannequin was deliberately rotated 90 degrees. The projector was turned to display vertically onto the custom built projector screen and ran as a companion for presentation kicking off SIP Fair.

The Doppleganger