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REF YouTube Lore
- 4/7/2009 [4:32pm est]

Oh yeah I forgot to mention this on the last news post I just did. You can check out a YouTube Video of a interview of REF that HarperCollins (his current publisher) did just recently about Rides a Dread Legion.


This might be up for a limited time. So check it out as soon as you can.

Dread Legion Lore
- 4/7/2009 [4:16pm est]

The first book of a two book series in the DemonWar Saga is out. Rides a Dread Legion was on store shelves here in the State as of the first week of April. And the Paperback for Wrath of a Mad God was also on shelves.

The next book At the Gates of Darkness (original title was At the Gates of Chaos but conflicted with another book title of another author) will be out next year early spring. REF is hoping to have it done soon so he can get ahead of schedule and take some time off this coming holiday season.

The following books titles stand at this time as being called this:
      - ChaosWar Saga -
            A Kingdom Besieged
            A Crown Imperiled
            Magicians End

Tour 2009 Lore
- 3/29/2009 [9:49pm est]

There is a REF tour in England this year. Though I didn't post anything as the dates where in to heavy contention up until the last minute. In other words not even REF had an idea what his schedule was until like the last minute.

Raymond's England Tour 2009

Priorities Lore
- 1/25/2009 [5:26pm est]

I will continue to make changes to this site, but you will probably never notice which suits me as book news is so slow and I have higher priorities than keeping this site up to date. If you’re starving and desperate for new information on Fiests’ written works either subscribe to the mailing-list or visit Crydee.com. I will continue to maintain but came to the decision not to rework this layout so your stuck with this arrangement (as if anyone visits this site anyhow). Now to catch you up on the happenings….

Wrath of a Mad God might be still found on bookseller shelves with the paperback version due to come out in the USA this late February.

Rides a Dread Legion, book one of the Demonwar Saga, hardcover is set to be released in the States on March 31, 2009. The paperback will probably come out next year. However this is a strange set of events, our fellow readers across the pond, the UK release is on the 9th. Only 22 days before the USA, usually it takes a year later after the UK release before its released in the States.

The next book Return of the Demon King manuscript hasn’t been finished yet. I still have to read through all my emails so this news might change. I spend too much time reading, art, and working for a pay check. Not enough writing or exercise, if it wasn’t for all the heavy lifting I do at work I probably be fat by now… and with no money to afford to read or eat. Hmmm

Murder in US Lore
- 10/12/2008 [9:26pm est]

Murder in LaMut was released in the US market. I was shocked when I saw it at Barnes & Noble while shopping for a christmas present for my sister-in-law.

Book Contract Lore
- 4/26/2007 [1:26am est]

REF has agreed to a new contract with HapperCollins/Voyager in the UK and Avon/EOS in the US to a six book deal.

He will finish Wrath of a Mad God later this year sometime in the fall.

The deal is to write two books for the 4th Riftwar titled the DemonWar saga. Then he will write three books for the final 5th Riftwar being titled as the ChoasWar Saga which will wrap off the Riftwar cycle and then REF will move on to a sixth book set entirely in a new environment (maybe this is his Jigsaw Lady or something entirely different than that). Then he intends to write some sort of special project that will some way wrap up the Krondor Series but details and if this is possibility is questionable.



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