About Mark Abrams

UAT Alumni

I am a UAT 2007 graduate of software engineering / web programming.

Advanced Media Webs - Principal

Creative design, software engineering, communications in marketing, and search engine optimization keep me engaged. Integrating these skills with my project management and business experience allows me to provide extraordinary value for my clients.


Strategic development of Return On Investment (ROI) marketing systems is Advanced Media Webs’ mission. I achieve this by understanding my clients’ prospects’ needs and delivering engaging marketing systems. Intuitive websites that communicate well, are easy to use, and are prominently found on the top search engines is what is needed for success.

My clients include Dental Practices, Real Estate Firms, Legal Firms, Country Clubs, Homeowner Associations, Manufacturers, Interior Designers, Chamber of Commerce, Art Dealers, and other small businesses. I develop high performance Websites, Blogs, and data driven applications using state-of-the-art methods and enhanced communications tools that get my clients' messages in front of their audience.

Brief Bio: For over twenty-five years, I have designed computer business and marketing systems on mainframe, client server and cloud platforms. I work solo and with a teams which includes professional editors, copywriters, and graphic artists. My clients include: CMGI Internet Ventures, New York State Office of General Service, New York State Department of Housing and Community Renewal, Verizon Business Marketing, Prentice Hall, New England Journal of Medicine, TIAA CREF, and many small businesses. I am a USAF veteran where I served as a Computer Programmer with the NSA. I have presented "Internet Marketing your Dental Practice" at the New England Dental Convention a few times and have been published in the Journal of the Massachusetts Dental Society.

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