The Internet is the media of choice! The Web capitalizes on communications like no other media. Today, most of the USA population use search engines to find what they seek. Google, Bing and Yahoo, dominate the USA search engine market . With over 8 billion searches per month, search engines are the tool of choice for locating information. Learn more about search engine statistics and why they are so important to where you spend your advertising dollars.

Social networks like Facebook and Twitter provide additional opportunities for selectively displaying your business ad to qualified audiences who have searched for your products and / or services. Learn about the pros and cons of social media marketing.

These Articles of Interest, while focused on marketing dental practice are equally effective for marketing most professional practices and business that market to consumers.

Being Found On the Internet

People are always looking for your products or services. Make it easy by being found. Provide an aesthetically pleasing interface that is easy to use and provide valuable information.

The best designed website will do little good if people can’t find it. We build websites from the ground up with a focus on web standards compliancy and being found through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as well as several other methods of Internet marketing. A well designed website that is easy to find can be your best advertising return on investment. The Internet allows you to target market your business to motivated prospects who are searching for you. No other media offers so much for so little.

Organic Results - are natural listing of websites in search engine's results are called organic or natural listings. These are unpaid and trusted by the majority of searchers as the better sites that are returned from the search. The organic results are ordered in the listing based on the web content and the popularity of the web page. Organic results sometimes yield local results if the search implicitly specifies a geographic preference (e.g. "Chinese restaurant").

Pay Per Click (PPC) - allows you to buy an advertising spot with a click link to your web page. The price you are willing to pay for a prospect clicking on a link to visit your site is the determining factor on where your page will rank. Costs can run as low as 5 cents per click to over $50 per click based on the skills of the marketer and competition. Charges are incurred when a visitor actually clicks through to your site. Ads can be run nationally or may be restricted to a geographic region. PPC should be used to initially scope your target market's response to keywords and then to augment competitive marketing where a return on Investment can be justified.

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